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[NEWS] BosaikFrag Configuration Change

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 3:43 pm
by BosaikNet
After some complaints that the vs. Bots setup is freakishly easy (it is), I'm changing the bots setup. Starting tonight, BosaikFrag is changing its vs. Bots setup from 3:1 bot ratio @ Skilled to 1.5:1 @ Masterful for 3SPN modes, and 1.5:1 on both Adept and Masterful for V/CTF modes (selectable from voting screen). Team Deathmatch vs. Bots will be at 1.5:1 @ Adept.

I am also adding in CTF and VCTF vs. Players modes. Previously, these gamemodes were only offered as vs. Bots.

All gamemodes outside of 3SPN will feature UTComp.

Re: BosaikFrag Configuration Change

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 2:08 am
by BosaikNet
I have done a lot of work on standardizing game modes between the public and private servers. A set of standard rules for BosaikFrag TAM have been established:
  • Jumping is standard double-jumping, with multidodge enabled with no dodging cooldown or limit.
  • Ammo is unlimited.
  • No autobalancing is performed. Players must decide on what team they need to be.
  • In a 1v2 match, only the player on the smaller team may use adrenaline.
Beyond this, standard TAM rules are followed.

You can now select the bot difficulty for Vs. Bots gamemodes. Public is configurable from Experienced to Godlike, and Private is configurable for any difficulty.

More game modes were added, such as CTF. I lost count of how many game configurations are on the server; Private has around 16.

UTComp is standard for all BosaikNet configs, and absent from z80-style configs.

Re: BosaikFrag Configuration Change

Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:56 am
by BosaikNet
UTComp is being removed for vehicle modes, as it appears to cause server instability. It will be left on 3SPN-CW Test / Private, for testing purposes.

Public is receiving configurability for any bot difficulty, by popular demand.

3SPN-CW Test no longer has a password. I will allow it to be used with a password, temporarily for special events. If your group wants to use the server exclusively, send me a message.