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Important Changes to BosaikNet UT2004

Posted: Sun May 06, 2018 12:26 pm
by notipa
Following a complete overhaul of the BosaikNet box, some services are seeing significant changes. During the server upgrades, ComboWhore Chicago, the last of three ComboWhore UT2004 servers, closed down, and the IP was reassigned. Since I had the files necessary to recreate the server, I did so on both BosaikNet servers.

The two new servers are as follows:
  • ComboWhore Los Angeles TAM :: ut2004://
  • ComboWhore Quebec TAM :: ut2004://
Both BosaikFrag servers on the west server will be made available soon, pending port reassignment. The BosaikNet pickup group server project on the east server has been cancelled due to a lack of resources.