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Submitting Traceroutes

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 11:35 am
by BosaikNet
If you have an issue with ping inconsistency or packet loss, there is not much we can do without a traceroute. In the case of packet loss, use WinMTR; in the case of ping inconsistency, use notipa's tool.

Some hops in a traceroute may show 100% packet loss; this means the router at that hop rejects ping packets, and does not indicate a problem. High ping standard deviation at one hop but not in following hops usually means a router does not prioritize ping packets, and also does not indicate a problem.

When submitting a route improvement request, provide a complete traceroute, with the exception of the first hop outside your local network (after or whatever). If the pings within those first two or three hops are high or inconsistent, the problem is with your local network or internet service provider. Otherwise, it's bad routing between your Internet connection and the server's.