State of BosaikNet Services -- March through June 2019

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State of BosaikNet Services -- March through June 2019

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So, you've probably noticed by now that BosaikNet West has been down for a few days. We've been working hard behind the scenes on some major changes!

First and foremost, we are (yet again) on new hardware, and this hardware is a big step up from the previous Ryzen-based server. The new server, dubbed GameServer 4, uses dual Intel Xeon 8-core processors to provide a total of 16 cores / 32 threads, doubling the multitasking abilities at the expense of singlethread performance. Some of our more resource-intensive services (namely Minecraft) will benefit greatly from a whopping 128 GB of DDR3 memory, 8 times more than what we had before; additional disk space will help ensure BosaikNet has room to grow. We should be done with hardware upgrades for quite some time. Because the hardware is a bit older than what we were using before this upgrade, we encountered some problems with hardware compatibility between the servers and, as a result, we expect the server to be coming back up from this extended downtime between 17 and 21 June 2019.

Second, the BosaikCraft service will be updated to 1.14, and a new world will likely be created to take advantage of new features. There will be some changes to the game rules (such as the return of PvP-by-request). BosaikCraft has seen a spike in activity following a rise in Minecraft's popularity; the timing of the server upgrade was unfortunate but necessary to continue offering a quality service. BosaikCraft (currently 1.13.2) now also relays chat to the BosaikNet Discord in addition to IRC; Discord access can be requested on-server.

Third, ComboWhore Los Angeles will be receiving some corrections in the HTTP redirect to greatly enhance performance. The scripts to update the redirect have been fixed to work on the server itself (instead of notipa's computer), but there is still more work to be done to produce a data package for the redirect.

Fourth, the IRC network is being revamped to ensure reliability, security, and extensibility. A few more IRCd servers, mostly private-use, will be added to the network. The EFnet bridge is still a work-in-progress, and some channels will receive Discord linking. Right now, the network is in sad shape, and has been split and serviceless for months due to lack of maintenance.

And finally, the Garry's Mod service is receiving a sweeping cleanup of unused addons and gaining some new ones, largely maps. A stale set of addons hampered activity on the server, and the server has finally exited the 'safe-mode' addon list.

Since the previous State of BosaikNet Services, BosaikNet celebrated its fourth anniversary. BosaikNet has come a long way since its beginnings in April 2015, and we'd like to thank our members and supporters for their participation through the years!

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