New GameServer for West

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New GameServer for West

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We at BosaikNet moved the server to new hardware a few weeks ago, and made a number of internal changes as well to streamline how the applications are run. This inevitably, however, caused service interruption as a good number of scripts needed to be updated to work in this new system.

Our old server (referred to as GameServer-4), a HP Z820, had very impressive multiprocessing capabilities, but this came at a cost: about $50-80 per month in electricity alone. The power efficiency of a dual-processor Sandy Bridge system could not be improved upon despite careful process auditing and system power efficiency management, and heated the room it was in to about 10°F above ambient. has been put out to pasture and is living a leisurely life among notipa's desktop computers, largely as a museum piece and emergency chair. It has, however, demonstrated tolerable performance within Deep Rock Galactic.

Since eliminating the cost of having an inefficient computer running 24/7 would rather quickly pay for itself, a new system build for GameServer-5 was started. An emphasis was placed on maximizing single-threaded performance and minimizing CPU-to-RAM latency. The new build uses an Intel Core i7-14700F, 64GB of DDR5-6400 memory on an ASRock Z790 PG Lightning motherboard, and PCIe 3.1 NVME storage replacing a number of SATA drives. Despite the reduction in available CPU cores (which were almost entirely unused or otherwise idle), the tremendous increase in IPC and performance-per-watt more than makes up for that in application performance while remaining in a 65W processor power budget (down from 270W).

Since this was a server-to-server migration rather than a direct upgrade, some services need to be recreated and are experiencing extended downtime. Our core services are available. We are volunteering our time (and money), which has become increasingly scarce since the previous GameServer-4 migration. Please be patient while the back-end work is done, and keep an eye on the forums and Discord for additional information and updates.

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